MESSAGE TO HUMANS - THAT IS YOU PLEASE, PLEASE HELP OUR WORLD and HUMANS, if you have humanity in your heart. PLEASE   follow   us,   in   what   we   are   doing   now   to   help,   and   find   the   way   in   your   Heart   to   participate   and contribute, in any which way you can. The World needs your help. The    Planet    Earth    and    Humans    are    now,    right    now,    facing    unprecedented    challenges,    and    facing catastrophic disasters. I’m shore you are fully aware of all this. Please,   take   out   some   of   your   presses   time   to   read   this   message,   study   what   is   on   our   webpage,   feel   the   urge   to become   part   of   something   BIG,   become   the   TEAM   member   in   something   which   counts   in   saving   the   World   from Humans, and saving Humans from each other. Humans   are   facing   so   much   suffering   in:   Syria,   Cameroon,   Somalia,   Ethiopia,   Yemen,   South   Sudan,   Chad, Nairobi, Myanmar and in so many other countries. I am asking Islam practicing Rich and poor people following question: “Why   are   Islam   practicing   people   from   Yemen   dying   from   starvation,   and   at   the   same   time   Emirates   of   UAE having WC- Toilet seats made out of GOLD and JADE? Is that the will of Allah? “Why   are   different   religious   groups   killing   each   other   in   the   name   of   GOD?   Is   that   what   your   GOD   is   asking you to do”? “Why are Asian people despised called Yellow people and envied for their success”? Let’s   behave   different   from   “others”   who   don’t   care,   who   only   talk   of   help   but   do   nothing,   or   care   only   for   their big   fat   stomach,   feeding   their   own   greed,   whilst   thousands   of   presses   Children   and   People   and   dying   every second. Humans work best when united in a TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More. Our World is in a mess. FACT. Lets fixt the mess which we Humans have created. We are surrounded with Environmental and Human catastrophise, one bigger than the other. So, are YOU pretending this is not happening around you? Are you turning the blind eye to human sufferings, and pending dooms day catastrophe to our Planet Earth?? What are YOU doing, your personal part to help and assist? Maybe nothing? Where is YOUR compassion and your caring for suffering other humans? Feel it in your Heart and rush to us and join the UTOPIA-ORBIS our TEAM to help. Maybe   one   of   dying   children   is   a   new   born   Creator   of   something   as   big   as,   or   bigger   that   what   Electricity Creator Nikola Tesla have created, thus turning darkness into the Light and illuminating the World with Light. The NEW starving and dying baby could be the new creator, may it just happens to save the World and Humans.   Following are sad facts, not only the statistics. Feel the facts, and feel their pain. 15.000     children     are     dying     every     day     from     starvation     and preventable   diseases.   That’s   in   24   hours   625   Children   dies   every hour, 10 children die every second. 800.000 (Eight Hundred Thousand) people suffer from hunger and starvation every day. 2.2 Billion People that’s every 3dr person in the World, does not have clean drinking Water, so they drink polluted water, causing preventable diseases. ONE    Billion    People    live    in    Slums    under    horrible    conditions. 264 Million Children can-not go to School. The TIME is NOW in which it is still possible to avert climate catastrophe. Millions have been displaced because the region where they use to live is too Hot to live and there is no life and no vegetation and no water. HELLO Worlds leaders If   the   TIME   for   ACTION   in   now,   why   are   you   NOT   acting   and doing    something    NOW,    instead    of    wasting    time    and    the money   on   useless:   Travels,   meetings,   talks,   smiles,   photo sessions and empty promises? We,   the   TEAM   of   Scientist   and   Me,   Dr   GURU   fortunately   representing   financiers   in   my   capacity   as   the Global   Private   Investment   Banker   representing   Asset   Collateral   in   Cash   and   Gold,   which   is   already   pre- approved   by   the   United   Nations   and   the   World   Bank   for   Humanitarian   Sustainable   Projects,   have   decided and   have   made   solid   commitment   to   Humanity   that   the   “horror’   must   STOP   NOW,   and   empty   promises must STOP NOW. MONEY even a lot of money in Billions and Trillions is only as ever effective as it is used wisely. For   the   above   outlined,   because   I   CARE,   I   have   searched   globally   for   new   technologies,   for   new   methods and new answers, that will help us cope with many challenges the World and humanity is facing. Together my TEAM of Scientists, Inventors, Manufacturers, Finances have come up with solutions for the World which up until now was seemingly unsolvable and impossible. I make impossible just a solvable Challenge. I AM the inspiration for Possible and Impossible. I AM the MASTER Artisan in Global Business and Private Investment Banking.   TASK   ahead   of   us   is   enormous   as   challenges   to   the   World   and   Humanity   are   enormous,   so   IF   you   have   IDEAS and   new   innovative   solutions,   which   may   help   the   World,   please   join   us   to   become   our   TEAM   member   and register your “Voice” in writing to email at:
Much ado about NOTHING
Basic Principles Before we start with the short introduction of our projects, here are some principles. Basically,   problems   can   rarely   be   solved   with   a   One-dimensional   action.   As   a   rule,   the   bigger   the   problems   the   more complex the necessary solutions. What we mean is to be understood well at our project: "Transforming all slums of the world into a liveable settlement" In   order   to   change   the   unspeakable   situation   of   the   people   in   the   slums,   it   is   not enough   to   give   them   new,   safe   and   comfortable   homes   –   NO,   their   whole   living conditions   have   to   change   so   that   they   become   happy,   self-determined   and proud people. That   is   why   our   newly   built   residential   areas   should   be   more   than   sleep   castles, they should become living communities where people are there for people. To achieve this, the new residents must be free of daily existential fears. They must receive a good education. They must have good health care. Our   new   residential   areas   should   become   the   new   incubators   for   a   new   self-determined   and   peaceful Africa,   India, Asia,   or wherever. ONE billion people - what suffering, but also what potential! Another   important   aspect   of   leading   the   slum   dwellers   into   a   positively   civilized   world   is   the   fact   that   it   has   a   lasting   effect on the birth rate. It is a long-known fact that the birth rate is falling in the so-called wealthy countries. In Germany, for example, the population is no longer increasing but decreasing. What a wonderful idea that we have a voluntary decline in the birth rate by enabling slum dwellers to live in dignity. These examples show what complexity means! When   we   plan   the   transformation   of   the   slums,   we   will   use   the   most   modern   and   sustainable   construction   technology, and also plan all necessary accompanying measures. We will form a consortium that includes all modern disciplines that are capable of building a new structure. The   different   disciplines   are   of   different   nature,   starting   with   the   competence   to   build   up   modern   school   and   modern learning   systems,   to   build   up   modern   health   care   and   health   education,   to   establish   sustainable   industries   and   much more.   For   the   development   of   the   new   structures,   we   will   need   everything   that   modern   societies   should   be   made   of,   from master craftsmen, teachers, doctors and philosophers. The   enumeration   of   measures   is   far   from   being   complete,   it   is   only   intended   to   help   us   understand   the   complexity   and our understanding of projects. Basically, all our projects are 3 dimensional and sustainable. Due   to   the   complexity   of   the   individual   projects,   it   is   not   possible   to   describe   them   in   their   full   depth   and   scope.   We therefore ask you to always include this fact in your evaluation. Our   actions   are   not   driven   by   profit   maximization,   but   by   the   realization   that   even   for   the   rich   people,   a   real   quality   of   life can only be found in a community where all people are doing well. In which educated, proud people can lead a self-determined life. When   this   is   achieved,   rich   people   will   no   longer   have   to   live   in   their   own   prisons,   being   prisoners   behind   High   Walls, behind Bars and sharp wired Fences. Furthermore, a healthy natural environment is part of the quality of life. We have committed ourselves to achieving these goals.
PROJECTS This is our Goal Happy and Confident Families Many experts from a wide range of disciplines  work together on a Big Picture. Slum-Conversion New modern living concepts  for today's slum inhabitants Energy 4 Africa New concept to supply all remote  villages in Africa with energy and mobility DESERT-VISION Cities in the desert, which generate infinite solar energy,  give thousands of people a new home, produce gigantic  amounts of drinking water and much more Refugee Camp-Technology A safe and cosy tiny house for every refugee
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Modern Terra-Forming Let us make our Earth a Paradise again Food from the desert Massive reduction of monocultures in  favour of natural landscapes Clean-AFRICA Recultivation of African rivers and lakes and  development of natural wastewater treatment systems Operation: Housing First A shelter for every homeless person We also want to increase something,  but not primarily Money but Happiness
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SOTA-DOMUS SWISS A paradigm shift  in the construction industry H2-Coal-Booster Reduces coal consumption in power plants  by 50% and the pollutants in the flue gas by 80% FAIR-GOLD-GLOBAL  Learn more about BLESSED GOLD