Born on 02.06.1953 in Country SERBIA in the City Novi Sad. In 1976 at the age of 23y Emigrated to Australia and now 2020 for the past 23 years is living 18 years in Hong Kong and 5 years in China: in Cities Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Macao and frequenting Asia, Europe and flying Globally. From the time of His arrival to Australia with humble beginnings, without having knowledge of English, not even one word of English, the only “jobs available and taken” were: Builders Labourer, Concreter, Carpenter, Ceramic Tiler. Dragan embarked on an amazing journey of personal transformation, continuous study day and night, learning and absorbing knowledge like a sponge, and achieving astonishingly fast successes in various Industries Business & Banking constantly overachieving to this very day. In 1976-78 without English speaking skills worked full time in Sydney as a 'Builders Labourer', in Formworks, Concreting, Carpenter and Ceramic Tyler. In 1979 in Brisbane-Queensland (QLD established Ceramic Tiling Company “Golden Tiling” and secured major Ceramic Tiling Contracts in Brisbane-Queensland (QLD). Employing up to 16 to 20 Ceramic Tilers. In 1979 - 1980 entered in 'Seven Hills College of Education’ and studied two years Art” Sculpture and Oil painting on canvas. In 1980-1983 at the Queensland OPERA Academy studied full time OPERA. In 1984 became a full time Opera Singer the 'STAR TENOR' of the Queensland-Australian Opera as well as singing TENOR roles for Sidney Opera in the Assumable of the “Stars of Australian Opera”. At Queensland Conservatorium of Music thought as Professor OPERA singing. In 1985-1986 in Sydney bought Real Estate Company called “DERRIN & DERRIN RE”, thus entering into Joint Venture Partnership 50/50 employing 7 to 10 Real Estate Agents. Studied Real Estate in NSW Real Estate Institute and was Licensed Real Estate Agent for Australia. In 1987 Purchased “DARROD'S” Life Insurance Master Agent and Licensed Security Dealer Enterprise in 50/50 JV Partnership. Acquired the License from the “Australian Securities and Investment Commission” (ASIC). Managed Investment portfolio of 3,500 personal clients.   Advising leaders in the industry in IPO listing and Fund Raising, Ventures Business Corporations: "HORIZON LIFE  and SUN LIFE Financial Planners. For SUN LIFE, trained and taught 40 (CPA) Certified Practicing Accountants on laws related to Property Investment and TAX deduction strategies in Australia. Personally, advising Chairman of HORIZON LIFE on legality of IPO and Fund-Razing law in Australia. In 1987 with Two JV Business Partners established personal Master Life Insurance Agency 'Winston Davies & Partners' employing up to 60 Life Insurance Agents and Financial Planning Licensed Agents. In 1987-1988 Established LEVERAGE INVESTMENT ENTERPRISE a Business Advising, Property Investment and Real Estate Company, employing up to 47 Real Estate Agents, 4 managers 10 Telephone marketers. Established Business Consulting Co and working with up to 45 Accountants (CPA) in advising their clients in: Business Management, debt reduction stratergies, Acquisition and Mergers. Advised RIA (Residential Investment Australia) Property Developers on Marketing strategies, land acquisition and Property Development, Securing for RIA site on Melbourne’s Docklands for a ‘Signature Building’ estimated 400 Million Dollars, which was pre-sold of the plan. Advised QUEST Serviced Apartments of Australia RE on merger with at the time the largest Serviced Apartments provider in the World ASCOT Group. In tandem studied Sales and Marketing two years’ part time course in “Holmes College of Education”, as well as studied for Two years Private Banking being personally coached by the Banker who worked 20 years in Switzerland Banking in projects of Mergers and Acquisition. Studied for two years privately by attending lectures in Banking, Finance and Economics at Monash University- Melbourne. Conducted numerous public and group live coaching seminars across Australia in: Property Investment, Franchising, Business Acquisition, Banking related matters, Loan reduction strategies. Seminars were regularly attended by 1000’s of people thus giving DRAGAN Title ‘GURU’ to be known across Australia. In 1989 for a short time of six months worked in YELLOW PAGES as the Regional Manager of Advertising, Corporate Marketing and Business development, managing 8 Executives and 7 telephone marketers. In 1989-2001 worked in Melbourne as a Merchant Banker for: Falconer & Bellomo Merchant Bank, advising on IPO and Mergers, worked in tandem for Merchant Bank Summerset Morgan and personally advising Chairman Lincoln Zue on FX marketing and Fund raising, Property Development. Worked for Macquarie Bank advising in Acquisitions and Mergers, Land and Property Development, Home Loans and Mortgage Reduction Strategies. In 1997 Appointed as the Exclusive Merchant Banker for China in City Wuhan and Hong Kong, working with China Commercial and Construction Banks in JV funding projects in Hubei Province with various Global Prime Banks. In 2002 Founded in Melbourne -Australia in Joint Venture Partnership 50/50 with former wife Antoinette Versace  an exclusive Property Advising Enterprise called “AAAAA-PLAN” (Accurate Accelerated Asset Accumulation Action-Plan). Employing full time up to 100 Property Investment Advisors, 15 telephone marketers, 6 Managers, one General Manager, and four secretaries. Office was occupying 880sqm on the 7th floor of prestigious Building in Melbourne. In Melbourne Australia Founded and conducted monthly ‘Property Investment and Business Educational Forum' which forum was attended by 100's of people every month. In 2004 teaching across Australia in large scale seminars attended by 1000's 'GURU's Secrets' to Successful Property Investment and Business Success. In 2004 Establishing in Australia seminars called “The Academy for Millionaires”. Personally, teaching and coaching: Business, Banking, Franchise, Mergers and Acquisitions, Property Investment Secret strategies, Mortgage reduction and TAX minimization Strategies and so on. The Academy for Millionaires seminars coaching were conducted in a group session 60-80 attendees, at the time. The fee was AUD $15,000 per person, for five-day coaching. In 2005 semi-retired and with family lived in Europe for 12 months before moving to live in Hong Kong in 2006. Lived in Vancouver- Canada in 2007 for 7 months and then, moving back to Hong Kong. In 2007 submitted to the Central Government of China Business models with Five personal Innovations, Conceptual Realty TV program purposely adjusted for China, Two Banking Concepts, Two Movie Concepts and Two Theme Park Concepts. CHINA Government endorsed every project. Funding and JV Partnership with China Gov. Shear ownership split negotiations failed, as DRAGAN couldn't secure Intellectual Property Rights, up-front pay-out for the secrets of the projects, and consulting on the projects. In 2008 was offered the position and secured 'Strategic JV Business Partners with DEMPI SWITZERLAND a Global General Contractor & Financier through the UBS and the Swiss Government Re-Assurer. In 2009 offered and accepted position on the 22nd June 2009 as the MANDATED Trustee and Grantee as well as Global Private Banker for the funds provided by the MANDATED Grantor. This position is the only position DRAGAN held until establishing his own Project Funding Enterprise in Hong Kong. In 2010 Established in Hong Kong Mandated Private Investment Banking Enterprise Global Financial Genesis Ltd-HK-SAR Incorporated, managing in providing Global Project Funding.In March 2017 offered and accepted position of Executive Global Chairman and the Shareholding ofThe One World Peacemaker Foundation having 80 other Chairman in the group, and growing in 80 countries as well as Executive Global Chairman for the Social Network “My Book: in 80 Countries numbering presently ONE Million Members. On 2-4-2017 was granted Royal Title of “His Illustrious Excellency Royalty COUNT. Simultaneously Granted Doctorate PhD in Banking & Finance (Hon). On 3-4-2017 Granted position as the Excellency Minister of Finance for “I.A.S”. On 23 rd  December 2018 accepted VV-VIP position as the Global Private Investment Banker to manage and invest United Nations approved Heritage Funds worth in Multiples of Tens of Trillions, purposely dedicated Asset in Gold and Cash funds for Humanitarian Projects of National Importance for Approved Governments. Over the period of the last 34 years in Business H.I.E Royalty COUNT Dr GURU solidified his personal knowledge, depth and the width of his wisdom in the broadest possible range of industries, as well as savvy Global Banking, thus presently having the ability to give prospective clients comfort, security and the ADVICE given is the right and solid advice, carefully thought out, dissected and pondered over many times. H.I.E Royalty COUNT Dr GURU is a cautious and conservative Banker and Business Entrepreneur relying on the wisdom of his solidified knowledge over the last 34 years, as well as consulting with his TEAM of core Bankers and Business JV Partners. Date: June 2020 THE BEST IS YET TO COME
COUNT Dr. Dragan Guru Djuragin PhD (Hon)